Who We Are?

Noha Gypsum Decoration is the best Gypsum Decoration & Interior Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Noha Gypsum Decoration has been serving all over Bangladesh for five years as a Gypsum Decoration & Interior Design Company Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are highly skilled and experienced for interior design. We provide services all over the country as the largest Gypsum Decoration and Interior design Company. As a Gypsum Board Company in Bangladesh, we provide best quality gypsum board. Gypsum board prices in Bangladesh are varied but we offer lowest price for all Gypsum board. Our products are Ceiling Rose, Ceiling Strip, Cornis Corner, Cornis Strip, Design Glass, False Ceiling, Gypsum Gate, Gypsum Pillar, Gypsum Wall and Kitchen cabinet.


Gypsum moulds Design

Noha Gypsum Decoration is today one of the leading manufacturing of the latest designs, custom size plaster of…

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Noha Gypsum Decoration

Restaurants Decoration

বাংলাদেশের সেরা জিপসাম কোম্পানি।নতুন নতুন জিপসাম ডিজাইন দেখতে click করুন নিচের লিংকে Restaurant Decoration Dhaka Bangladesh (Noha Gypsum…

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