Noha Gypsum Decoration is the best Glass Painting Pattern Designing Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

High Performance Curtain Wall Aluminum Curtain Wall Walls Walling . Structural Glazing . Double Glazing . Spider Glazing . Spider Glass . Tempered Glass . Laminated Glass . Building Glass . . . . .we Are Trade Specialists And Trade Contractors Of High Performance Curtain Wall Aluminum Curtain Wall Walls Walling .

1. Customized sizes are accepted

2. PVC film and PET as material

3. Good adhesion and weathering resistance

4. Beautiful designs for window and glass decoration

5. For decoration, keeping privacy, reducing sun heat

Feature & Application:

1. Suitable for application on transparent glass for decoration and keeping privacy.

2. Interior household decoration, glass sticker, window sticker, for home, office, balcony, porch, hotel, restaurant, bar, club, shop, office partition etc.

3. For Bus, Metro, Auto window’s decoration

4. Temporary promotional and point of sale advertising and all applications to flat or regular glass surfaces

5. Strict in raw material selection, careful with manufacturing technology and zealous in product research and development, widely used for window and glass decoration.

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