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Your kiln shelf must be very clean and smooth. Over the course of many firings, layers of shelf wash build up and become pockmarked or chipped. These variances in the surface of the kiln shelf will show up in the texture of glass fired on top of it, and are not desirable.
If necessary, scrape your kiln shelf down with the side of a large, flat knife blade. Wear a safety mask over your nose and mouth to avoid inhaling any dust during this process. Once you have knocked off the built-up kiln wash, lightly sand the entire shelf with a fine-grit sanding sponge by hand to remove any remaining bits and ensure you have a smooth surface. Wipe the shelf off with a damp paper towel. Apply new coats of kiln wash, let dry, and pre-fire as usual. Vent the kiln to cool it to around room temperature and then place a sheet of kiln shelf paper on the clean kiln shelf.
Use a black permanent marker to draw or trace a nice shape for your project onto a piece of transparent glass. Free the shape with the glass cutter and running pliers. Repeat using clear glass to form a second layer. Stack the layers on the shelf paper in the kiln and fire to full fuse using the following schedule
Once the kiln has cooled to room temperature, remove the fused-glass shape. Rinse the glass clean, thoroughly dry it, and set it aside. Using damp paper towels, carefully scoop together any residual fired shelf paper and dispose of it. Take care not to breathe the dust — the damp paper towels should keep the dust from getting into the air. Allow the shelf to dry.
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Features: Exquisite color, distinct pattern, environmentally friendly, durable, waterproof, fireproof, unfading, anti-erosion, antitrust, smooth surface, reasonable shrinkage ratio and no need to paint

Main material: PVC

Applications: Mainly used as decorative cover material for audio boxes, gift boxes, plywood, wooden doors, steel-panel doors, furniture and indoor decorations.

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