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1. Introdution
Sinroad glass wool is a silk-like material made by fabrication in the TEL process and spraying of thermosetting resin. By further deep processing of thermal setting, this material can be made into series of multi-purpose feudal products. It features numerous advantages : it is non-combustible, nontoxic, and resistant to corrosion; it has low moisture rate and good hydrophobicity. It is to date a well-recognized heat preservation, thermal insulation and sound absorption material with excellent properties. It has found wide applications. The feudal board, felt and pipe products made of this material have been used in heat preservation, thermal insulation and sound absorption in construction, chemical industry, electronic industry, electric power, metallurgy, energy industry and transportation, presenting very good result.
2. Characteristic

Non-combustibility No feint smell
No harm to human body
Environmental friendly Energy saving OEM available.
3. Application

Ceiling and wall for building aimed at energy-saving
Sound absorption material in building
Shock absorption for vehicle, refrigeration plant, home appliance
This also makes it useful for several applications. For example, displays that can be wrapped around a consumer electronics product are possible because of the material’s thinness, flexibility, and strength. On a larger scale, a conformable display could be wrapped around the outside of a building, or on its inside for immersive viewing. Some non-display applications include use as a barrier layer that protects electronics in flexible solar cells and touch sensors, or the color filters inside an OLED display.

Because roll-to-roll manufacturing processes require high temperatures up to 500C, the polymer films typically used for plastic displays can’t be made this way. But that’s not true of glass. So last year, Corning began collaborating with research institutions, equipment makers, and industrial customers to develop a process design for roll-to-roll manufacturing optimized for Willow Glass, in addition to developing the necessary process-compatible equipment.

In March, Corning began offering samples of Willow Glass to its customers in both spools and separate sheets either 100 microns or 200 microns thick, according to a press release. The company says it is helping customers adapt to using glass in roll-to-roll processes by offering assistance in retrofitting old lines or building new ones.

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