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The process is similar to opening a window on a regular tablet or notebook PC. When the user picks up a Paper Tab, it switches to a full-screen page view. Moving it farther away makes it revert to a thumbnail overview of a document, and when it’s beyond reaching distance, it displays icons. Users can navigate through multiple pages within a single Paper Tab document by bending one side of the display: one side for forward, the other for backward. Users can also place two or more Paper Tabs next to each other to form a larger drawing or display surface, edit its contents, or enter data.

Electrostatic technology, no adhesive, easy to tear and easy to paste, reusable;
UV protection, 99% UV isolation;
Insulation, filter light and reduce glare;
Energy conservation, safety and environmental protection, quality products using PVC materials;
Protection of privacy, so enjoy the quiet and comfortable living space.

Material: Green PVC electrostatic film, PET
Dimensions: 90cm X 50cm (Length * Width)
Color: Transparent
Radiation: Yes
Scope: Kitchen balcony / Living room / Bedrooms Bathrooms / Office Glass

1, Cleaned  the glass surface
2, Sprayed amount of water on the surface of glass
3, Ripped on the back of the transparent protective film
4, When paste the stickers from one side to other side, and slowly tear
5, Smooth side directly attached  to the glass
6, With a ruler or card scrapings out water and bubbles


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