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Noha Gypsum Decoration is the best Gypsum False Ceiling Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Freely floating Canopy Ceilings allow a view to the concrete ceiling and offer extensive possibilities of execution and design. Get inspired by the versatility of Canopy Ceilings while improving the acoustics in your rooms.

Your visions can be realised by means of individual installation or installation in series as well as variable dimensions and attractive shapes.

The dining room ceiling was designed to center around the table. Silver leaf was hand applied and lacquered for shine in the coffered space. The French doors open up to a balcony space, which allows for indoor/outdoor dining when the weather permits. Chandelier: Circa lighting Wall color: Paris Rain by Benjamin Moore.
Inspiration for a transitional dining room in San Francisco with beige walls and dark hardwood floors.

1. Environmental friendly
2. Non-combustible
3. Strong nail holding power
4. Heat & sound insulation
5. Smoothness ceiling board
6. Light weight in unit acreage
7. Square Edge or Tapered edge ceiling board

B. Specification of Gypsum Board:
Width: 1200mm/1220mm
Length: 2400mm/2440mm/3000mm/2700mm/3600mm
Thickness: 9.5mm/10mm/12mm/13mm
Surface Color: Ivory face, Gray back

C. Application of Gypsum board:
1. Residential-Flats, Bungalows, Villas, Farm houses.
2. Commercial- Small work places to corporate offices.
3. Hospitality- Clubs, Discs, Hotels, Restaurants, All types of functional places.
4. Healthcare- Clinics, Hospitals, Polyclinics.
5. Institutional- Schools, Colleges.
6. Entertainment- Auditoriums, Performance theaters, Studios.

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