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I am not completely sure what type of stone this is because this was a “spec” house. I know that when the owner and I started working I hired a person to come in and hand “tint” the columns to looks older; they were way too white both on the interior and exterior. He said he thought this was a type of very cheap limestone from Mexico.
Architectural Columns by Melton Classics
Melton Classics offers you the largest selection of columns in the industry carefully crafted with impeccable quality and available at amazingly affordable prices. Melton Classics’ columns are crafted in over a dozen of quality materials, and offered in an essentially limitless selection of designs to allow you to select the ideal columns for your project.
Broad Selection of Quality Column Materials
To ensure we can provide our customers with the ideal columns for their project, we offer our columns and column covers crafted from a dozen of the finest available materials. We offer an industry leading selection of fiberglass columns and fiberglass column covers in a broad selection of designs. Our light weight FiberWound Classic™ Fiberglass Columns combine ease of installation and durability with classic design. Our lifetime warranty DuraClassic™ Poly/Marble Composite Fiberglass Columns are provided with impact resistant caps and bases cast from and our poly/marble composite to provide the most durable and beautiful columns on the market. The design flexibility of our ClassicGlas™ Fiberglass Columns allow you to select the ideal standard or custom design for your project.
Melton Classics also offers our ClassicWood™ Columns in a variety of the finest quality wood species for paint or stain applications. For unmatched weather resistance, we offer exterior ClassicWood™ columns in All Heart Cedar or All Heart Redwood. If your project calls for interior wood columns, we offer a variety of beautiful hardwoods and softwoods for stain and paint applications.
If you are looking for a maintenance free column product, our large selection of prefinished maintenance free columns are offered in a broad selection of beautiful colors and finishes to enhance the beauty of your project. Our prefinished maintenance free MarbleTex™ Synthetic Stone Columns, FiberCrete™ GFRC Columns, and MeltonStone™ Cast Stone Columns will provide you with years of maintenance free beauty.
Columns in Classical, Contemporary and Custom Designs
Melton Classics offers you an essentially unlimited selection of column designs to create the look and feel you desire for your project. Our classically designed columns are crafted according to the timeless Orders of Architecture established by the famous Renaissance architect Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola in the 1500’s. Our classical columns are available with shafts crafted in round, square or engaged pilaster configurations with your choice of smooth, fluted or paneled shaft designs. Designed with a classically correct entasis (bowed taper), these classic designs carry on the timeless beauty and elegance of authentic classical columns.

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