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Add columns. Columns can be structural or aesthetic, to support the beam above and also to help separate the spaces while keeping them open to each other. If the columns are structural, then the beam above can be smaller, since it will span only the distance between the columns and not the entire opening.
Glass Fiber Rein¬forced Gyp¬sum, also known as GRG, or GFRG, is a build¬ing mate¬r¬ial most com¬monly used in domes, columns, mould¬ings, ceil¬ings and com¬mer¬cial build¬ings (such as malls ect.). Because of its low cost, ver¬sa¬til¬ity, strength, and light¬weight, GRG makes for an ideal inte-rior build¬ing mate¬r¬ial for Glass Rein¬forced Gyp¬sum Columns.
Glass Fiber Rein¬forced Gyp¬sum is a mix¬ture of gyp¬sum, Port¬land cement and sand. It con¬sists mainly of ultra fine alpha plas¬ter, and glass fiber rein¬force¬ment. The GRG can then be cast into vir¬tu¬ally any shape, and any size. The mate¬r¬ial is extremely light¬weight, and strong, as it requires lit¬tle to no addi¬tional struc¬tural sup¬port. There are many options avail¬able for GRG, and many things you can make with it. One pop¬u¬lar choice that is made from GRG is GRG columns.
Columns are an upright pil¬lar, typ¬i¬cally cylin¬dri¬cal; they can be made of many mate¬ri¬als and are often found sup¬port¬ing another struc¬ture such as an arch, or a bal¬cony. How¬ever columns can also be used in many more cir¬cum¬stances. A stand alone mon¬u¬ment, or an exte¬rior design, or inte-rior addi¬tions to enhance a room’s style are only a cou¬ple exam¬ples. Columns are found every-where, in your house, malls, reli¬gious build¬ings, office and both com¬mer¬cial and res¬i¬den¬tial build-ings. Columns can sub¬tly enhance the room’s fea¬tures, or be the cen¬tre¬piece of the room. Every col¬umn has a dif¬fer¬ent design, depend¬ing on the effect you want. Inte¬rior columns can dis¬play ele¬gance, and char¬ac¬ter, but they can also dis¬play a mod¬ern, con¬tem¬po¬rary style with sharp edges. A col¬umn also has a wide vari¬ety of cap style options that can enhance its features.
Glass Fiber Rein¬forced Gyp¬sum is an ideal mate¬r¬ial choice for inte¬rior columns. There are many advan¬tages to GRG columns that you may not find in other mate¬ri¬als. Columns come in many designs and shapes, and GRG columns can be cast into vir¬tu¬ally any shape, any size. This means that GRG columns have many style options avail¬able, such as round, tapered, clas¬sic, square, or any cus¬tom design. Glass Fiber Rein¬forced Gyp¬sum Columns can have any cap style, shaft style, and any other dec¬o¬ra¬tive element.
Glass Fiber Rein¬forced Gyp¬sum columns also have a wide vari¬ety of fin¬ish options. GRG columns pro¬vide the ideal sur¬face, that can eas¬ily be manip¬u¬lated into rich tex¬tures and detailed designs. The smooth, white, qual¬ity sur¬face also pro¬vides the per¬fect can¬vas for a huge selec¬tion of dif¬fer¬ent fin¬ish options, such as Lime¬stone, mar¬ble and alabaster. It can also be fin¬ished with any inte¬rior paint, such as water/oil based, stain and gold-leaf.

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