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Glass Fiber Rein¬forced Gyp¬sum, also known as GRG, or GFRG, is a build¬ing mate¬r¬ial most com¬monly used in domes, columns, mould¬ings, ceil¬ings and com¬mer¬cial build¬ings (such as malls ect.). Because of its low cost, ver¬sa¬til¬ity, strength, and light¬weight, GRG makes for an ideal inte-rior build¬ing mate¬r¬ial for Glass Rein¬forced Gyp¬sum Columns.
Glass Fiber Rein¬forced Gyp¬sum is a mix¬ture of gyp¬sum, Port¬land cement and sand. It con¬sists mainly of ultra fine alpha plas¬ter, and glass fiber rein¬force¬ment. The GRG can then be cast into vir¬tu¬ally any shape, and any size. The mate¬r¬ial is extremely light¬weight, and strong, as it requires lit¬tle to no addi¬tional struc¬tural sup¬port. There are many options avail¬able for GRG, and many things you can make with it. One pop¬u¬lar choice that is made from GRG is GRG columns.
Columns are an upright pil¬lar, typ¬i¬cally cylin¬dri¬cal; they can be made of many mate¬ri¬als and are often found sup¬port¬ing another struc¬ture such as an arch, or a bal¬cony. How¬ever columns can also be used in many more cir¬cum¬stances. A stand alone mon¬u¬ment, or an exte¬rior design, or inte-rior addi¬tions to enhance a room’s style are only a cou¬ple exam¬ples. Columns are found every-where, in your house, malls, reli¬gious build¬ings, office and both com¬mer¬cial and res¬i¬den¬tial build-ings. Columns can sub¬tly enhance the room’s fea¬tures, or be the cen¬tre¬piece of the room. Every col¬umn has a dif¬fer¬ent design, depend¬ing on the effect you want. Inte¬rior columns can dis¬play ele¬gance, and char¬ac¬ter, but they can also dis¬play a mod¬ern, con¬tem¬po¬rary style with sharp edges. A col¬umn also has a wide vari¬ety of cap style options that can enhance its features.
Glass Fiber Rein¬forced Gyp¬sum is an ideal mate¬r¬ial choice for inte¬rior columns. There are many advan¬tages to GRG columns that you may not find in other mate¬ri¬als. Columns come in many designs and shapes, and GRG columns can be cast into vir¬tu¬ally any shape, any size. This means that GRG columns have many style options avail¬able, such as round, tapered, clas¬sic, square, or any cus¬tom design. Glass Fiber Rein¬forced Gyp¬sum Columns can have any cap style, shaft style, and any other dec¬o¬ra¬tive element.
Glass Fiber Rein¬forced Gyp¬sum columns also have a wide vari¬ety of fin¬ish options. GRG columns pro¬vide the ideal sur¬face, that can eas¬ily be manip¬u¬lated into rich tex¬tures and detailed designs. The smooth, white, qual¬ity sur¬face also pro¬vides the per¬fect can¬vas for a huge selec¬tion of dif¬fer¬ent fin¬ish options, such as Lime¬stone, mar¬ble and alabaster. It can also be fin¬ished with any inte¬rior paint, such as water/oil based, stain and gold-leaf.

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