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Ceiling rose and plasters Victorian ceiling roses are handcrafted in our own Ceiling rose and ceiling Shop in Bangladesh. Caving Shop has a unique ceiling rose collection available to buy from stock. Bangladesh finest manufacturer and plaster ceiling rose suppliers in the country.
Ceiling rose or ceiling center ring may be used to frame a light fixture or when filled with a rosette to center the room. Victorian ceiling rose are decorative only and not designed to support the light fixture. To support a heavy light fixture from the ceiling install a metal plate first.  To choose a ceiling rose center. The room size and caving pattern, ceiling height and size of light fixture are all factors to be considered in making your choice. A plaster ring can be used as a standalone ceiling center or can be added to the outside of a smaller ceiling rose to enlarge any ceiling rose diameter.

When you are next lying on your sofa or bed looking at a barren white ceiling, consider how much more interesting it would be with a beautiful plaster ceiling rose. A handmade real plaster ceiling rose adds style and a focal point to any featureless ceiling. Ceiling roses provide an appropriate stage on which to showcase your light fittings to their best advantage and they also help create the right style for a room and throughout a property.

A classic plain ceiling rose design created with concentric convex and concave rings. This understated plaster ceiling center looks fantastic in many surroundings. A simple geometric design that provides the perfect backdrop for many different types of lighting, framing any centerpiece without being over powering. Ideal for modern houses and also perfectly in keeping with properties from the 1930.
Matched with one of plain and stylish caving designs, this would create a timeless combination.This is a stunning Victorian plaster ceiling rose. The mounding is beautifully crisp and the acanthus leaf motif looks remarkably realistic. You will not get tired of looking at this richly decorated ceiling rose, which is a mini masterpiece in plaster.
A small smooth fluted inner ring is surrounded by a tightly woven crown that only just contains a wild ring of acanthus leaves. The texture, movement and design mean this goes straight into our Victorian Collection, and the fact the rose is cut right through in places hints at a vent for gasoline lighting providing another authentic detail. All in all this is a beautiful ceiling rose, crisp and realistically modeled.

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