Noha Gypsum Decoration is the best Gypsum Plaster Ceiling Rose Decoration and Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

One of our more understated Victorian designs featuring acanthus leaves as a wide outer border with a plainly mounded center, this is one of our most popular designs. The diameter of the inner ring is 75mm.

All our ceiling roses are made by hand from the finest gypsum plaster, which reproduces the finest detail and gives a completely different look to modern machine made products, traditional designs made in the traditional manner giving a truly authentic finish.paper faced gypsum board(square edge),PVC facing+aluminum foil backing,without edges warped. hotels,restaurant,shopping malls,theaters debaucheries,cinemas,stations,auditoriums offices,sitting rooms,business buildings,electronic workshops,precision apparatus rooms and industrial or residential buildings.

  1. ceiling roses Features:

1.New foaming technology was used to reduce the weight of ceiling roses.

2.Add water-repellent, fire retardant, with moisture – proof, waterproof, fireproof special effects.

  1. Board surface was print set rules, convenient for construction.

4.Add a special gypsum enhancer,improves the strength of ceiling roses.

  1. Add new diatom mud, with absorption of formaldehyde and purify.
  1. Ceiling Roses Strict Quality Control
  2. Good raw material was used to ensure excellent quality.
  3. Strictly act according to the ISO9001 standard, and control by full-scale inspection.  Both in material selection and every production  procedures.
  4. Timely supplied and launch new products

Ceiling Gypsum Ceiling Board Factory profile Novagypsumdecorationis engaged in building materials specializing in the production of nature gypsum as the raw material of gypsum board and gypsum board PVC film of large enterprises , has nearly 20 years experience in professional and technical team, with an annual output of 60000000square of ceiling roses and veneers , dozens of series products ,the company geographical position is superior,the sheet near Bangladeshis largest logistics base ,Pliny ,plank market in east Bangle,convenient loading plate, a few kilometers away from Beijing-shanghai high-speed Pliny the exit,traffic is very convenient ,with sincere to the letter the principle reception customers ,welcome to.

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