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This elegant contemporary plaster cornice has a stylized swag and drop frieze. It is also is a design where the ceiling projection is deeper than the drop down the wall, creating a stylish and elegant finish. We have a number of Art De co themed ceiling roses that complement this caving.

  1. Advantage of the gypsum ceiling tiles:

1) Environment protection product: Adopting natural gypsum material without any harmful material.

2) Non-flammable B1, in accordance with Chinese standard GB8624-1997

3) Heat retaining power

4) Sound insulating: effectively solve sound insulation and fire proof.

5) Not deforming, not cracking: keeping integrity and sound insulation for long under normal changes of.

6) Small expansion: Little coefficient of expansion, deforming under normal temperature.

7) Light weight, convenient to transport.

8) Special breathing performance, comfortable to live in.

9) Sunken proof. Dust proof. Easy clean. Good light reflection Corrosion proof.

Why Choose Us

  1. Many years professional experience in designing and manufacturing.
  2. Design and produce according to customers’ requirements.
  3. Famous for its Reliable quality both at home and abroad.
  4. Reasonable prices without compromising any products efficiency
  5. Promptness in both delivery and technical support per-and after sales


Non-flammable B1 in accordance with Chinese Standard  GB8624 -1997.

Heat insulation, sound insulation, light weight, smoke-insulation, Fireproof, moisture proof.


hotels,restaurant,shopping malls,theaters debaucheries,cinemas,stations,auditoriums offices,sitting rooms,business buildings,electronic workshops,precision apparatus rooms and industrial or residential  buildings

Ceiling Gypsum Board Features:

  1. New foaming technology was used to reduce the weight of gypsum board.

2.Add water-repellent, fire retardant, with moisture – proof, waterproof, fireproof special effects.

  1. Board surface was print set rules, convenient for construction.

4.Add a special gypsum enhancer,improves the strength of gypsum board .

  1. Add new diatom mud, with absorption of formaldehyde and purify air.

Ceiling Gypsum Board Strict Quality Control

  1. Good raw material was used to ensure excelled quality.
  2. Strictly act according to the ISO9001 standard, and control by full-scale inspection in both material selection and every production procedures.
  3. Timely supplied and launch new products

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