Noha Gypsum Decoration is the best Gypsum Plaster Ceiling Rose Decoration and Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

This ceiling rose is handmade by our tradesmen, made with British gypsum plaster and then reinforced with hessian and wooden laths to insure the strength. for more quantity ring Paul on 07442011346.

All our products are quality controlled and fully guaranteed until the point of signature, so make sure your signing for the right package as once sighed means that you have received the item, Comes with next day recorded delivery.

The rose will be wrapped in bubble wrap plus sponge foam in a double skin card board box.

PRANCE PVC gypsum ceiling tiles provide easy access by lifting and tilting the ceiling tiles. They are ideal for situations where regular maintenance or service is required to ducts, pipes, air co-systems, or computer-or telephone networks. Before selecting this system, care should be taken to ensure that there is enough space in the plenum to lift the tiles upward. Because the PRANCE Grids system offers easy access and adaptability, lighting and services can be conveniently re positioned. This is particularly useful for supermarkets, Laboratories, computer suites and offices.

This stylish caving has a central frieze of classical swags with egg mounding, with a broad border both above and below, finished with a finely molded shallow ceiling projection above, we also have a number of ceiling roses that will complement this design, ideal for period properties This design is also available in a larger size code : LPC016.

  1. Advantage of the gypsum ceiling tiles:

1) Environment protection product: Adopting natural gypsum material without any harmful material.

2) Non-flammable B1, in accordance with Chinese standard GB8624-1997

3) Heat retaining power

4) Sound insulating: effectively solve sound insulation and fire proof.

5) Not deforming, not cracking: keeping integrity and sound insulation for long under normal changes of.

6) Small expansion: Little coefficient of expansion, deforming under normal temperature.

7) Light weight, convenient to transport.

8) Special breathing performance, comfortable to live in.

9) Sunken proof. Dust proof. Easy clean. Good light reflection. Corrosion proof.

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