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Ceiling rose and plasters Victorian ceiling roses are handcrafted in our own Ceiling Rose and ceiling Company in Bangladesh. Ceiling Rose shop has a unique ceiling rose collection available to buy from stock. Bangladesh finest manufacturer and plaster ceiling rose suppliers in the country.
Ceiling Rose or Ceiling center ring may be used to frame a light fixture or when filled with a rosette to center the room. Victorian ceiling rose are decorative only and not designed to support the light fixture. To support a heavy light fixture from the ceiling install a metal plate first.  To choose a ceiling rose center. The room size and caving pattern, ceiling height and size of light fixture are all factors to be considered in making your choice. A plaster ring can be used as a standalone ceiling center or can be added to the outside of a smaller Ceiling Rose to enlarge any Ceiling Rose diameter.

We have over 150 types of over and styles of ceiling roses. When choosing a ceiling rose consider the ceiling height room size. There are also matching smaller and larger diameters with the same patterns. In our online ceiling rose range, you can select from different periods styles which you can see listed beside each item. These are to help you to choose the correct style of ceiling rose to suit your home. You can also choose by style or pattern which helps if you are trying to match a cornice style or pattern in a room. Choose a plaster ceiling rose from our beautiful range displayed below.

We are proud to have an enormous range of decorative and ornamental cornices and our range is constantly growing.

The rose has symbolized secrecy since Roman times, due to a confused association with the Egyptian god Horus. For its associations with ceilings and confidentiality, refer to the Scottish Government’s Sub Rosa initiative. Through its promise of secrecy, the rose, suspended above a meeting table, symbolizes the freedom to speak plainly without repercussion. The physical carving of a rose on a ceiling was used for this purpose during the rule of Bangladesh into a standard item of domestic vernacular architecture, to such an extent that it now constitutes a term for the aforementioned circular device that conceals and comprises the wiring box for an over head light fitting.

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