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This beautifully designed and finely modeled plaster cornice has a running central frieze of roses with delicately cast petals leaves and stems. It is one of those

designs that is suitable for all types of property and for all types of room and is often chosen with one of our floral ceiling roses.

If you measure your room(s) and order an exact amount of coving then one wall could end up being finished in small off-cuts. To avoid this we recommend you order 20 –

25% extra of this patterned cornice to ensure longer pieces of coving are used wherever possible as this will create a better professional finish for your room. Gypsum

cornice is becoming more and more popular in Building Material field. We can see it everywhere, such as Hotel, Restaurant, Office, Household, Cinema etc. Why so hot?

Plaster board with one side vinyl PVC facing and backside with aluminum foil. Size: 595x595mm, 603x603mm, 605x605mm, 610x610mm, 595x1195mm, 604x1210mm, 605x1210mm


Thickness: 7.00mm, 7.50mm, 8.00mm, 9.00mm, 10.00mm, 12.00mm, 12.50mmVarious colorful PVC patterns; Light weight; Easy for installation;


  • ideal spreading upon substrate
  • effective paint coverage
  • snow-white color
  • product based on natural white gypsum



Increased hardness – better mass setting and better primer and paint absorption

(enables easy grounding both with sanding paper and wire cloth

Easy spreading over the substrate – due to reduced absorption of water from the mass.

Enables more effective covering with paint – due to enhancement with polymer

additives, it is a perfect substrate for modern paints.

Creates uniform, strong and smooth surface for painting or wallpapering.

■ Use:

Recommended for gypsum finishing coats on walls and ceilings.

Fills small cavities in walls and ceilings – can be used for surface repair before the

execution of the finishing coat.

Types of substrates – concrete, aerated concrete, gypsum, cement plasters, cement lime

plasters and gypsum plasters.

Types of finishing layers – paints coating and wallpapers.


Resistant to cracking resulting from contraction during drying.

High water retention – allowing to retain appropriate amount of water in the mix,

necessary for proper setting.

The coat is snow-white in color – enables effective covering of the surface with

paint and to reduce its consumption.


The substrate should be:

  • stable – sufficiently rigid and sufficiently long stabilized.

The assumed stabilizing time for substrates is, respectively:

− for new cement plasters from ready to use ATLAS rendering mortars, min. 1 week for each 1cm of thickness,

− for concrete walls, at least 28 days,

  • dry,
  • even – maximum layer thickness of GIPSAR UNI is 2 mm,
  • cleaned – from layers that can deteriorate the adhesiveness of the mix, especially

dust, dirt, lime, oil, grease, wax, residues of oil and emulsion paints; if the substrate is

covered with biological corrosion, use ATLAS MYKOS to remove it,

  • primed

− with ATLAS UNI-GRUNT emulsion – in case of excessive absorb ability of the surface

− with ATLAS GRUNTO-PLAST mix – when the substrate is of low absorb ability or is

covered with layers limiting the adhesion.

Moreover, all steel elements that may come in contact with the surface finishing mix

must be protected against corrosion.


Pour the material from the bag into a container with water (for proportions, see Technical

Data section) and mix manually or mechanically (using a drill with a gypsum mixer) until

homogeneous and free from lumps. Leave the mix to rest for 5 minutes and then remix.

The ready to use mix must be used up within ca. 1.5 hours’ mix).


Apply the mix evenly using a stainless steel float and at the same time smooth the

surface as the work progresses. For walls, it is recommended to apply the mix in strips,

starting from the floor towards the ceiling, moving the float upwards. In case of ceilings,

apply the mix in strips starting from the window towards the interior, moving the float

towards yourself.


When the mix dries, even out any irregularities using sandpaper or wire cloth. Cover the

resulting irregularities with a thin layer of mix and sand again.

Finishing works

Painting and wallpapering can start when the finishing mix dries. Before painting, prime

the finishing coat with a preparation recommended by paint manufacturer. Before facing

fixing, prime the finishing coat with ATLAS UNI-GRUNT.

Important information additional information

  • The mix must be prepared in clean containers (residues of set gypsum

reduce the setting time of the freshly made gypsum mix).

  • The mix must be thicker while filling in defects than for finishing

coat application.

  • The finishing coat cannot be applied to surfaces directly exposed to humidity.
  • Do not apply the finishing coat in bathrooms, laundries, or other premises with relative air humidity exceeding 75% over extended periods of time.
  • During setting, avoid exposing the finishing coat to direct

sunlight and droughts and provide proper ventilation and airing of the rooms. The above information constitutes basic guidelines for the application of the product and does not release the user from the obligation of carrying out works according to engineering principles and OHS regulations.

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