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This beautifully designed and finely modeled plaster cornice has a running central frieze of roses with delicately cast petals leaves and stems. It is one of those
designs that is suitable for all types of property and for all types of room and is often chosen with one of our floral ceiling roses.
If you measure your room(s) and order an exact amount of coving then one wall could end up being finished in small off-cuts. To avoid this we recommend you order 20 –
25% extra of this patterned cornice to ensure longer pieces of coving are used wherever possible as this will create a better professional finish for your room.
1. PU molding as a new green decorative materials, has many advantages, such as light, fire resistant, anti-cracking, waterproof, antisepsis and mould proof, meanwhile
it’s easy to install, so it’s perfect for all kinds of indoor and outdoor decoration.
2. PU molding covers a wide range of decorative products, and also practicable to transform , as it can be nailed, sawed, planed and bent accordingly.
3. Patterns are natural and clear with elegant looking.
4. Same install method with wooden or plaster materials, but cost 80% less.
5. Eco-friendly raw materials help to save forest resources.
6. PU molding has passed the exam of National Fire Prevention, the low fire point can prevent  it from spontaneously combustion and combustion-supporting.
7. Differ from wood or plaster, PU molding do not saturate, leak, deform or detach, it’s durable and easy to clean and maintain.
8. PU molding is very practical as it is  light , tough, and also provide good elasticity.
9. Various colors, designs, crafts for choice, OEM is available.
1) PVC facing and foil backing, good appearance;
2) Edge: Square, easy to install;
3) Thickness: 8mm, strong enough.
1)Environment protection product, high quality product without any harmful substances, comfortable to live in;
2)Surface treatment is  PVC film Laminated on the front side and  aluminum pet foil on the back side, very easy to clean, good light reflection, Corrosion proof;
3)  Materials and accessories are manufactured by state of the art technology in accordance with international standard, so after you buy this material no need worried
about the safety problem.
Product Advantages:
Gypsum Ceiling is widely used in all commercial and dust-free buildings such as computer rooms, food processing electronics and pharmaceutical companies offices,
hospitals, schools, restaurants and shops ceiling drywall metal stud for use as the standard head and in non-load bearing partition systems.
1. Our Light-steel Keel is made of galvanized steel sheet with good rust-Proof function. The thickness is strictly according to the international demand.
2. During production of the keels, it’s favorable to set some fillisters and cams in both sides of the keels in a selective way, in order to strength the keels’
vertical points and intensity
3. One of our merits is the special hole for channel on C-stud in per 6Ocm which is easy for workers to install the electric lines and water tubes.
4.When installing the plaster splint, our keels are easy to fix up, which is not only good for implanted splints and the keels as well as the whole constructor’s
intensity.CH and IH type of studs are the special type we developed to solve the difficult situation in elevator ventilator and offer a better protection of workers’
5.Our light steel keels are in all kinds of types, we are able to manufacture German, Japan and Au-American types etc, and we are capable of producing any special
types of products and developing new products.

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