Noha Gypsum Decoration is the best Gypsum Plaster Cornis Corner Decoration and Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

A great match for our rose design plaster coving, MPC044 this pretty plaster ceiling rose, features a frieze of delicately moulded climbing stems, leaves, buds and flowers. The diameter of the inner ring is 85mm.

All our ceiling roses are made by hand from the best gypsum plaster, which reproduces the finest detail and gives a completely different look to modern machine made products, traditional designs made in the traditional manner, giving a truly authentic finish

Ceiling centres, also known as either ceiling roses or ceiling centers or Central panel Series.

Ceiling centres, also known as either ceiling roses or ceiling centers in the Bangladesh, are used as a way of breaking up large areas of ceiling with a glorious point of interest, usually as the name implies, in the centre of the ceiling. All of our ceiling centres are made of high quality plaster and are designed to suit a variety of rooms. Ceiling centres are a fantastic way of raising the value of a home or room, and with our wide range, we have many different styles to suit your home. For a Victorian styled home or room we recommend the more ornate and decorative selection, whereas Georgian styled rooms would benefit more from the more modern and art deco styles.

Our advantage:

Fire resistance: It has passed the tests by National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fire Building Materials GB8624-2006 with a result of A1-grade standard.

Material water resistance: Plate is made of composite material through physical reaction forming bubble water more than 48 hours, no obvious phenomenon of soft, can be recovered after drying, can effectively resist in large engineering (pipe and central air conditioning condensate) leakage caused by the surface fall off, the phenomenon such as mildew.

Mouldy-proof: No mouldy and no discolourment at any circumstances.Excellent toughness: About 6 mpa good strength and toughness about 800 n, impact resistant, can bend, not easy to fracture.Facing diversified: It can stick ceramics, coating, wood grain, marble finishing processing.

Excellent sound insulation performance: Every volume reached 48 db, can effectively reduce indoor noise. Anti-aging, weathering, acid and alkali resistance:suitable for acid alkaline environment and used for a long time. Pro-environmental effect: Using inorganic composite materials made from pure natural, without any harmful substances and pollution gas, belonging to a green and environmental friendly material.

Surface is easy to handle, lossless: due to the surface of the product has good density gypsum at the grass-roots level, and because of the special production process, to ensure the high strength and smoothness, only need to handle the juncture, very small amount of putty powder to a surface and grinding can achieve excellent results, plank can stick, can dig, nail, saw, truly achieves zero wear and tear.

High strength:the average value of fracture load is 300N (the international average value is 176N or more), can effectively resist the impact brought to the breakage of the damage.Transform your home with elegantly crafted cornices or coving. Halford Jarvis supply’s over 100 unique and beautiful fibrous plaster cornices and coving.

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