Noha Gypsum Decoration is the best Gypsum Plaster Cornis Corner Decoration and Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

This ornate oval Cornis Corner has a running design of leaves and flowers carved in high relief with an oval floral central panel, it is very effective with some of our Victorian coving designs and has also been chosen by a number of customers renovating properties in France.

All our Cornis Corner  are made by hand from the best gypsum plaster, which reproduces the finest detail and gives a completely different look to modern machine made products, traditional designs made in the traditional manner, giving a truly authentic finish

Product Description:

d1.Material:Pure natural fiber gypsum, without any asbestos and chemical powder, glass fiber reinforced white and colorful Gypsum Ceiling Tile for house

  1. Sizes: 100-700
  1. Thickness: 9mm (can be customized).

4.white: ≥90%

5.intensity: 2.8-3.0

  1. Color: white & colorful or according to the customer’s requirements..
  1. Fireproof: The fire rating is A
  1. Package:shrink packing
  1. Standard:ISO 9001:2000 SGS-CSTC , ISO14001 , ISO9001:2000 , GB/T19001-2000 , JC/T799-88[96] , GB8624-1997 , GB6566-2001 , GBJ47-83.

10.usage:used in sound absorption, thermal insulation,wall decorations in Hotel,Exhibition hall, School, Cinema, Boat casting station,Concert hall,Studio,Movie theaters, Prison hall room, Conference room, Hall,KTV rooms,Singing and dancing hall, Office Music college and so on.

This Dental pattern premium coving is a revolutionary alternative to traditional plaster coving and wooden mouldings. Manufactured from a lightweight, yet tough and strong resin material which captures the finest detail and is indistinguishable from traditional plaster coving. Our premium coving is much lighter than plaster (gypsum) coving – and much easier to handle and fix. Available in 2.0 meter lengths for easy fixing. Dimensions: 85mm along ceiling x 85mm down wall x 2.0 meter length.

Pre-primed – smooth white undercoat finish accepts all decorative paints.

Hard impact resistant resin material captures the finest detail.

Lightweight and easy to fix

Allows some flexibility when fixing to uneven walls and ceilings.

Will not crack, rot or split easily.

Easy DIY fixing aided by light weight and strength. All mouldings include simple fixing instructions. The resin coving material is sawn easily with a fine saw and mitre block. Alternatively use a circular mitre saw fitted with a suitable blade used for cutting plastic. Resin coving is easily fixed with adhesive, or can be mechanically fixed using conventional nails and screws.

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