Noha Gypsum Decoration is the best Gypsum Plaster Cornis Corner Decoration and Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Art Nouveau Cornis Corner, this square design is a classic, it can be used purely decoratively or with a light fitting, a big bold design perfect for recreating the style of the period.

All our Cornis Corner are made by hand from the finest gypsum plaster, which reproduces the finest detail and gives a completely different look to modern machine made products, traditional designs made in the traditional manner, giving a truly authentic finish

decorative cornice gypsum cornice plaster corner machine made cornice corner

1) Material: special grade of gypsum (whiteness: >90°, intensity: 2.7MPa/2 hours, no impurity), fiberglass, two layer glass fiber cloth in any piece products to protect the products not easy broken.

2) Finish: drying by oven. Smooth surface, clear flower pattern, obvious three-dimension effect, high strength, and excellent constructive performance. It is fireproof, mothproofing, mildew-proof, moisture proof, and sound and heat insulated. It can be processed by sawing, digging, nailing, adhering and patching, and therefore it is easy and convenient in installation.

3) Various shapes and sizes available in our website, The moulds are very standard which error is ±1mm . Especially machine made cornice, the types are updating, the surface is more smoothly, the edges and corners are more clear.

4) Packing: 6pcs/package General.

5) package: air bubble film by separate piece, outer of each package in shrink wrap, and both sides packed with 3cm air bubble film

Machine Made Cornice changed the traditional making craft, inprove the quality and efficiency.

Specialists in Lightweight Coving, Cornice, Ceiling Roses & Period Mouldings with a wide range of both traditional and contemporary styles.

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