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This coving features a chunky dentil course below an Ogee curve, two of commonly used designs in the manufacture of plaster Gypsum Cornis Corner. Both the Ogee curve and dentil moulding have their origins in the ancient carved stone temples of the Romans and Greeks. They were revived in the Georgian period, with Ogee and dentil mouldings often being used in the design and manufacture of fine furniture.

This Leaf pattern premium coving is a revolutionary alternative to traditional plaster coving and wooden mouldings. Manufactured from a lightweight, yet tough and strong resin material which captures the finest detail and is indistinguishable from traditional plaster coving. Our premium coving is much lighter than plaster (gypsum) coving – and much easier to handle and fix. Available in 2.0 meter lengths for easy fixing. Dimensions: 85mm along ceiling x 85mm down wall x 2.0 meter length.

Pre-primed – smooth white undercoat finish accepts all decorative paints.

Hard impact resistant resin material captures the finest detail.

Lightweight and easy to fix

Allows some flexibility when fixing to uneven walls and ceilings.

Will not crack, rot or split easily.

Easy DIY fixing aided by light weight and strength. All mouldings include simple fixing instructions. The resin coving material is sawn easily with a fine saw and mitre block. Alternatively use a circular mitre saw fitted with a suitable blade used for cutting plastic. Resin coving is easily fixed with adhesive, or can be mechanically fixed using conventional nails and screws.

Gypsum corner   /Plaster corner BORNOY BRAND

1)   Material: top quality gypsum powder, fiberglass

2) Finish: Smooth surface, clear beautiful pattern

3) Performance

4)Fireproof, worm resistant, moisture proof

5)Sound and heat insulated.

6)Three-dimensional effect

7)High strength,

8)Excellent constructive

9)It can be processed by sawing, digging, nailing, adhering and patching, convenient in construction, used for ceiling decoration

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