Using a picturing hanging hook system. Almost like a hook and eye lock but flush against the wall. Attach the wall mount piece to the wall by using a butterfly anchor for stability. Then attach the piece that is usually attached to the picture frame, to whatever object you want to hang.
I like the way designer have mixed three worm colours in a perfect proportion
New ideas for interior wall decorative with gypsum board panels, modern gypsum board wall interior designs and decorative with spotlights and LED lighting ideas for all rooms wall

This is our first catalog of gypsum board wall decorations but i provided many gypsum ceiling designs catalog for modern interior houses, today i provide some of new gypsum board design ideas for wall interior.
This interior wall decoration by gypsum board panels and we can use any lighting ideas such as shade lamps, spotlight and LED lighting to add elegant touch to your interior gypsum board wall and you must choose stylish paint colors and color schemes for this wall with gypsum board.

In this images many of gypsum board wall decorations interior designs for some rooms such as ( living room, girls room and bedroom ) but i advise you to use this wall decoration ideas in your living room and TV wall, now you can see the gypsum board wall interior designs images for full interior walls, If you like this gypsum board wall interior designs you can ask me to provide more designs and more ideas of gypsum board decorations for interior wall
Remove and repair all surface irregularities and sand or sponge the joint treatment surfaces as necessary. Apply a thin skim coat of joint compound or a material manufactured especially for this purpose to the entire surface of the board. This will minimize any suction, porosity, or other variations between the joint compound and the face paper surfaces. Take care to eliminate laps or tool marks during the skim coating operation. Lightly sand or sponge wall or ceiling surfaces wherever necessary to ensure a smooth and even surface. Apply a high quality latex primer/sealer compatible with the finish product prior to decoration.
Product Applications:
Mainly used in those places with highg-rade decorationwhere strict acoustic environment is crucial,
such as theater, concert hall, museum, library, hearing room, gallery, auction house, gymnasium,
lecture hall, multifunctional hall, hotel lobby, hospital, shopping mall, piano practice room,
conference room, studio, recording room, KTV room, bar, industrial workshop, machine room, etc.
Product Advantages:
1. Design Type: Flat glossy and clear
2. So many patterns can meet your needs
3. Environmental protection
4. The product never fade easily
5. Easy to clean and install
6. High quality, good service and good price
7. For indoor decoration, e.g.ceiling and wall decoration

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